Immigration Argumentative Essay

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Immigrants are a major part of the society. Having immigrants is what makes our community what it is today. Thanks to immigration we have all the things we do today. Immigrants assisted in building this country, by immigrating from their former home into this new land. They left everything behind in their old country, in order to improve their lives for themselves and for their future kids. Historically immigrants were allowed to migrate to the U.S, America would lose millions of dollars without immigrants in the workforce, and their population.

Every types of immigrants have different stories. American citizens have no idea of what immigrants go through or why they decided to migrate to the United States. The most common reasons are protection,
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Parents pay smugglers to help them to pass the border undocumented. If sending their children unattended meant that they wouldn’t be recruited by gangs, they would make that sacrifice even if it …show more content…
Parents would make any sacrifice for their children’s well being. According to, in the ages from 15-29 and 30-44 make up the vast majority of homicides. In South America and Central America there is four times than global average in homicide rate for males from ages 15-29. Native American were the ones who had first cultivated this country before anybody else had arrived here. Based on History, during the colonial era in the 19th century from 1880s to 1920s America had experienced the first wave of immigration. Immigrants had arrived seeking an economic opportunity and also for religious freedom. For an example, pilgrims had arrived here in the 1600s in searching for religious freedom. Pilgrims had immigrated from religious persecution, following from a larger group also looking for the same reason as the pilgrims. Who later establish the Massachusetts Bay. Based on Scholastic, in the late 1400s, Christopher Columbus, an italian explorer who were seeking a shorter trading route to Asia. At first it was thought to be a shorter route to Asia, until another italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, had discovered that it was actually an unknown land. As they met the Native Americans, they were called Indians as they had