Immigration: United States and Better Life Essay

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Zamara Saldivar
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04 September 2012
Prompt 3-Definition
For centuries immigrants have been coming to The United States in search for a better life, it is nothing new except for the fact that it is a different race immigrating every time. Then why, since it is nothing new is it so hard for people to except them in our society? Immigration, this simple that means: people moving to a different country. There is more to this word than just its meaning for example, the reasons why immigrants migrate to the United States, the struggles these people face on a daily base in the US, and also there are a lot of benefits that the US does not want to see.
There are reasons to why immigrants migrate to the United States; most of them come for hope, freedom, and a better life. People do not see how much immigrants struggle in their own country for instance, they starve, they do not receive any type of help from their government, they work full-time jobs making extremely little money, and it is really hard to survive this way. These immigrants come to the US to give a better life for their children, like an education, shelter, food, and future to look forward to. We do not see this amongst immigrants, but I do not know anyone who would not migrate if their life was this hazardous in their home country.
On the other hand, immigrants who come to the United States do not know that they also have to struggle for instance; they are discriminated and torn apart from their families. These people are willing to sacrifice and suffer just to get food on their tables. Every day they struggle with the possibility of being deported. In many cases if they are caught and deported back to their home country, their kids are usually left behind in the US and they get torn apart. In addition most Americans are resistant and are looking for ways to add anti-immigrant laws just to make these poor people’s lives much harder than it already is. Anti-immigration people think that immigrants come to live off of the government, but everybody