Essay on The Problem with Immigration to the United States

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Debate over immigration and immigration policy is not new to the nation's history. For a long time, Congress debated legislation to control the immigration problem. As immigration rises and hatred grows more laws will be carried out trying to release some of the tension.The number of illegal immigrants who come into the
United States each year is shocking, and the numbers just keep on increasing. Three million illegal immigrants come into the United States every year. This has been an increasing problem, and one that greatly affects the United States and its citizens. More and more immigrants are coming in to the United States each year, and we as a nation should truly rework our immigration policies. Moreover, there is a foreign people in order want to become US citizen and don't know what to do. But also, there is another issues to propose new legislation pertaining to the naturalization process such as Dream Act benefits, and Birthright citizenship. When we think about the US we think about immigration, both the legal and the illegal immigration. The United States of America is a country buildup around immigration. Immigration has been responsible for religious changes, cultural change and population growth throughout the history of the United States. The political, economic, and social aspects of immigration have created much argument in respect to religion, ethnicity, job security, job growth, economic benefits, where people live, not to mention impact on upward social growth, amount of criminal activity, moral values, and work habits. The US also has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world, this means that a lot of people still believe in “The American Dream” and therefore try to immigrate into the US. In response, the illegal immigrants who have been lived in US and the foreign people who want to live in USA in order to get the US citizenship should take a naturalization test. The Dream Act is a permanent residency to a certain immigrants who got education in US schools and came to USA when they were minors in order want to get a US citizenship for their destiny and job. According to the article '' Lawmakers Should Reject the Dream Act'' stays that Dream Act activists are illuminating heart-wrenching stories of high-achieving teens brought to this country when they were toddlers. But instead of arguing for case by case favors, the protestors want blanket pardons. The broadly-drafted Senate bill would confer benefits on applicants up to age 35 and the House bill contains no age ceiling at all.
Moreover, illegal aliens who didn't arrive in the country until they turned 15, after they laid down significant roots in their home country- would be eligble for DREAM Act benefits and eventual U.S. Opponents to my possition would argue Illegal immigrants should get the chance to stay, work and pay taxes. If they don't have criminal records and if they were brough here before the age of 18 ,There should be some way for them to be here in USA legally. Immigrants were the original founders of our country . If we didn't have immigrants, we probably wouldn't have a very good economy. They are humans just like us, they are just looking for a better home and a better opportunity to live a good life. More or less if they can make a life here without causing too much chaos they deserve their fair chance. Illegal immigrants always