Essay on Independence: Parent and School Clothes

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8 Years Old and Independent At the age 17 I am more independent than ever and it bothers my mom like crazy. This year I bought all my school clothes and school supplies with my own money. She despises that I don’t rely on her but I feel like she should be relieved because she should know I won’t have to depend on her as I get older. Since I was 8 years old, I learned to take care of myself. My mom always had to work two jobs to raise my brother, my sister and me. I have never been the “average” kid. My sister moved out when she was 17 so she was never there to help me and my brother was too self-centered. I taught myself how to make ramen noodles and mac & cheese for dinner ‘cause no one was there to help me make anything for me. I have learned to never depend on anyone because at the end of the day you only have yourself. I hated depending on my mom to give me money if I wanted to go do something so I was employed at 15. The Diary Queen I worked at was individually owned and the owner taught me more than I could have ever wished for. At the age of 16, less than a month after my birthday I personally bought my own car with my own money. I pay for my own car insurance, my phone bill and I pay for the gas in my car. Only thing I depend on my mom for is a place to live and groceries. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so independent because I feel like I have missed out on being a kid but I know I will turn out better than the kids who parents have bought everything for