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Attention Getter: Abraham Lincoln, Elton John, Steve Jobs, Justin Timberlake, Harry Potter, and Napolian Dynamite; what do they all have in common?
They all wear glasses in some shape and/or form. Like these celebrities, I too wear glasses, not to only see, but also to use as an accessory. Good morning everyone, my name is Stephen Natividad and I am a senior Civil Engineer major.

Preview of main points: Today I will take you through a glimpse of my life by talking about why I got glasses, why I own different pairs of glasses, and why I sometimes dislike wearing glasses.

Main Point 1: Why I got glasses

When I was a little I used to do many experiments, like how long I can stare at the sun and even trying to read in the dark. Although I didn’t get glasses till I was in high school, those childhood experiments may have contributed to reasons why I needed glasses. Sophomore in high school I noticed that I was having some trouble seeing the board from the back of the classroom, but I didn’t think much of it. I just thought I was tired or the lighting was poor or my eyes were playing tricks on me. Up until then I didn’t know I needed glasses until I failed my drivers permit test because I couldn’t pass the eye exam. I’ve never failed anything in my life. I was shocked because I failed something you can’t even study for. Anyway, I went to see an optometrist, got some specs and went on to get my permit and later my driver’s license. Similarly, I became a better volleyball player after getting my glasses. I did play high school volleyball for two years. With my height, I didn’t play much in the front row, but rather a defensive specialist in the back row (also known as a liebero in volleyball terms).

Main Point 2: Why I own different pairs of glasses.

Well, when I was picking out my first frames I couldn’t decide what color, size, and shape I wanted. There were literally hundreds of frames to choose from. Back then; my parents couldn’t afford to get me a dozen pairs of glasses. So it took me hours to make a decision on a single pair. For those of you that have glasses, you know that finding a perfect frame feels like a magical, Cinderella moment. (Show my first pair) Today, I still take a long time to make a decision on anything because I like to weigh out the pros and cons.
The last time I got an eye exam, I ended up buying two pairs because I couldn’t make a decision. (Show the two pairs and talk about them) This pair you can’t change out the colors of the arms to match my mood. I’ll put on the black arms if I’m going to a serious environment (like to school or work) and the blue arms to a fun environment (like to a concert or to some fun social gathering at the bar).
Main Point 3: Why I sometimes dislike wearing glasses

-I can’t go out and get a pair of sunglasses and wear them because I won’t be able to see. The glasses I have now do have adaptive transition lenses (so when they are under direct