Is Canada A Just Society Essay

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To what extent was Pierre Trudeau’s vision of a “just society” actually achieved in Canada in (and since) the 1970s? Canada is a just society because of the changes to women's legal rights, ethnic minority human rights, and multiculturalism. The first reason Canada is a just society is because of the changes to women’s legal rights and freedom. A great example of the changed women’s rights can be seen within the government. From the 1970s, many women have stepped up to the work of politics, and have led successful careers. Several instances include Kim Campbell, a temporary prime minister of Canada (took the place of Brian Mulroney for several months before the election), Catherine Callbeck, the second female provincial premiere and the first woman to win a general election in Canada,1 and Beverley McLachlin, the first female chief of justice at the Supreme Court of Canada.2 This is …show more content…
People of any race are welcome in Canada, depending on their needs. This could include the need for better jobs, education, or for asylum during a crisis. Permanent residents are given access to all things a citizen has, except for a Canadian citizenship (gives the right to vote and own Canadian passports), which they can apply for.3 Immigration also greatly benefits Canada, it strengthens the workforce and is key for population growth. Most of the immigrants come to Canada for better jobs (skilled) or for a better education, which in the end, contributes to Canada’s future.4 This shows that Canada is a just society because people from other countries are treated as fairly and are given as equal opportunities as people born in Canada. This is all significant because just under a century before, many minority groups were discriminated which made finding employment and education very difficult. They were also at risk of assimilation controlled by the Canadian government, so they would adapt to English