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Jane Doe
English Com 121
C. Weber
November 11, 2013

The choice of euthanasia: Although I do believe that euthanasia should be legal, I want to be very clear it should only be available under very certain circumstances, that being when it will only benefit the one who will be dying. Euthanasia should not be an option for people who are suicidal, or just want to die for reason like depression or just because they don’t want to be alive anymore. Only to those who have an incurable illness and happen to be in a lot of pain. The abuse of euthanasia by doctors should be nothing to fear; most people that will have this done will be their choice. For example, the doctors will not be the ones assisting in the death of that person. What I mean is, there will be a machine that is set up, and the patient is the one who must press a button that will then set the needle in their arm. Therefore, they are actually beginning the process of euthanasia themselves. Families and loved ones will not have the option to choose euthanasia for a family member who is too ill to do so for themselves, unless it is stated in a will of some sort that a certain family member has the right to choose euthanasia. Before euthanasia is considered those certain cases will be investigated to make sure that person isn’t selecting euthanasia for their family member to pass sooner for reasons like money or any kind of reason other than just putting them out of their pain. No one other than the patient will have the right to decide whether or not their life is worth living, or if they will continue to stay alive. Such guidelines would tightly restrict euthanasia, so it will never be abused or used in the wrong way.
Of course there are different types of euthanasia: for example, active euthanasia means there will be purposeful steps being taken to contribute to what is known as active suicide, such as lethal injection, to bring someone to death. Another form of euthanasia is known as passive euthanasia which is not giving the patient any kind of treatment, for example, medication or feeding tubes. Active euthanasia will be the only type that would be legally practiced. Therefore if the patient decides that euthanasia is the way to go, no one will be able to just stop giving them treatment or food, only active euthanasia will be tolerated. The reasons only active euthanasia should be practiced is because all doctors take an oath saying they will always do everything in their power to save and help their patients. Therefore, it is not in their power if a patient does decide they want to practice euthanasia. I understand that some people won’t agree that euthanasia should be an option for a person to choose for themselves. Many people who haven’t witnessed a close family member suffer through an illness resulting in death would argue the choice is unthinkable and would consider it a suicide: a choice many people make in today’s society as a way out of a hard or emotionally sick life. If the person you love most in the world was lying on a doctor’s bed with more pain than you have ever experienced in your life, would you sit and watch them continue to suffer or let them rest in peace? What if it was your family’s much loved cat or dog? We wouldn’t pass judgment on someone who put their animals down as soon as they know they are in any sort pain. Pet owners continually make this choice for their animals because it would be inhumane to allow them to suffer when the end result will inevitably be death. Obviously, assisting your loved ones to die isn’t the same as putting your family pet down. However, that loved one should have the opportunity to make their own choice to suffer or not suffer.
I also understand that some people who think euthanasia is wrong because of their religion or faith. Some people say that suicide (assisted or not) is considered as a rejection of God’s sovereignty and loving plan. Others might say that we should be obligated to accept life