Essay about Jet Blue

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1. What is the underlying purpose behind the company making this video?
To apologize and assure customers that Jet Blue will be making changes to so that their customers don’t go through what they had to endure with the flight delay.

2. Why did the president of the company create this presentation to the public?
To make the public feel like they have handled the situation and give some confidence back to the airline that this won’t happen again. Would anyone else have been appropriate? I don’t believe so. Why or why not? I think the CEO of the company, given his position, was a great choice to put out the video and boost moral to customers and the airline staff.
3. What were the three steps in the plan? A) All non airport crew members of Jet Blue will badged, ready and trained to go to the airport to help crew members during difficult times, B) Making provisions with reservationists.. Being able to spool them up quickly, so if you have a problem, you will be able to get through quickly to talk to them to be able to change flight reservations, etc. C) They are beefing up the organization that is in their headquarters building to be able to pair the pilots, flight attendants, so that same event doesn’t go to day 2 or 3. Do you they are sufficient? Yes, I believe they are. Why or why not? They have a new Customer Bill of Rights and I believe if they implement these 3 important steps, it’ll succeed.

4. Do you think the message relayed through the video was