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Job Description

Human Resources Management

Job Description
In this job description I will explain the duties of my former job. I cover the multiple daily tasks that are required of each employee, skills and abilities that contribute in the completions of said tasks. I will explain the need to have knowledge of various tools and techniques necessary to complete required tasks. The limited education that is required to obtain this job will also be discussed.
The title of the job I will be discussing is Correctional Service Technician. As a Correctional Service Technician you will be working in a correctional facility. Facilities range from minimal security to maximum security. Correctional Service Technicians (C.S.T.) are responsible for supervising inmate work crews as they perform tasks such as basic maintenance, housekeeping, gardening, and warehousing within the correctional facilities. When not supervising inmate crews, tasks include but are limited to; data entry, inventorying of personal property for safe keeping, record keeping and verifying identification for release.
Individuals working this position will be responsible for specific duties with the county correctional facilities. All assignments will require that CST’s come in contact with the inmate population while completing their daily tasks. CST’s daily assignments will require them to supervise inmate work crews as they accomplish their assigned tasks. Other duties may include the data entry of intake and release of inmates. Some assignments such as the mailroom require minimal inmate contact. Most assignments require that detailed daily logs be kept and recorded.
The assignment given to each employee has specific guidelines and rules to be followed, limiting the decision making of the employee; as to restrict possible inmate influence. Employees have the ability to decide the method in which the task is done; however it must be completed within the rules and guidelines that have been defined. A majority of the assignments given to employees will require that they oversee inmate work crews without the presence of sworn personnel. This will require keen observation/supervision skills and the ability to control possible unruly behavior of inmates.
Periodically employees may be required to rotate positions, shifts, assignments, and/or facilities.
1. Assigns, trains, and monitors inmate crews in various work locations throughout the facility. Verifies inmate work for accuracy and toughness, loss prevention, and unacceptable behavior to sworn personnel.
2. Manages work crews while serving meals, exchanging clothing, bedding, and cleaning supplies to general population inmates.
3. Processes inmate commissary orders and delivers them to the inmates. Maintains adequate inventory of products that are available through commissary for inmates.
4. Ensures that all items required to be provided by the department to each inmate be readily available and in stock at all times. Maintains purchase orders and invoices to ensure that vendors are paid in a timely manner.
5. Processes paperwork for new inmates; ensure that all required areas on the booking forms are complete, and inputs inmate information.
6. Confirms that all necessary supplies are available to complete daily tasks. May be required to physically preform duties such as cleaning, waxing, refinishing, or painting of walls, windows, or floors throughout the facility.
7. Assists with visiting and any questions that the public may have. Maintains files of released inmates. Process all incoming and outgoing mail for both staff and inmates. Notifies sworn personnel of any and all contraband received through the mail. Delivers incoming mail to inmates.
8. Oversees a work crew as they process inmate laundry, using commercial sized equipment. At times may be required to make minor repairs to such equipment. Maintain detailed logs of damaged jail issue.
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