Docs Join To Help Girl Attacked By Dogs After KFC Hoax Accusations?

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Anh Vi Nguyen
ESOL 0354
Mr. Mel Shaw
October 09, 2014
Journal #3
Matt Finn and Kyle Rothenberg published an article titled: “Docs Join to Help Girl Attacked by Dogs after KFC Hoax Accusations” at the website on October 06, 2014. This article offered heartwarming news about a charitable project which is created by three humane doctors. This humanitarian project aims at helping a little girl who was attacked by her grandfather’s dogs.
Victoria Wilcher is a 3-year-old girl who was assaulted by dogs while visiting her grandfather. After that, when Victoria’s family came a local KFC restaurant to enjoy meals, they were asked to leave because Victoria’s appearance made their customers scared. This shocking news immediately made people pay attention to what happened with Victoria and try to help her. Throughout a family Facebook page and the website, some of amiable persons who were guaranteed to donated $100,000. The Jackson KFC even promised to give $30,000 for her medical bills. However, a very small number of donors fulfill their promise to Victoria’s fundraising campaign. They even suspected this attack never happened. Consequently, the pitiful girl has to face with hoax situations which are caused by faking donations beside her physical pains. However, having the doctors come from three states and are trying to contribute their efforts to reconstruct her face. They plan to offer a series of operations which can make Vitoria a prosthetic eye