Jump Drive and Cloud Essay

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In today’s society, everyone wants fast, clear, and responsive technology. From the innovated equipment that Apple and Windows have created, external hard drives and flash jump drives are getting harder to carry around. Consumers are consistently worried if a drive were to get dropped or lost, what would happen to all the data stored? Now with the latest storage computing, the cloud makes everything easily accessible. No more need to care a jump drive everywhere. If I were to start a new social networking website designed to connect people with parallel tastes in pop culture, I would use the cloud in order for consumers to share music, film, and other entertainment data they please.

The advantages the cloud could offer my new business is first and foremost, achieving economies of scale. By increasing volume productivity, this requires fewer employees that will allow the project cost per unit to go down. Also using the cloud will maintain easy access to their specific information and other’s musical content with minimal upfront spending. Based on demand, they may pay as they go whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi, or annually). This will reduce spending on technology corporation. Another great feature about the cloud is consumers can access it worldwide with simple Internet connection! This makes globalizing my workforce cheaper and easier. When consumers use cloud, they will be able to work faster when sharing information. It gets the job done in less time with less people allowing the streamline process to be more efficient. Because cloud’s pricing depends on the amount of storage space one needs, there is no need to spend ample amounts of money on hardware, software, or