Kingdom of Aksum Essay

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Theresa Gbekia
Mr. Riemers
World history
20/October/ 2013

The kingdom of Aksum lasted for about eight, hundred years. The kingdom's unremitted location allowed easy access to areas across the red sea, into the Indian Ocean and beyond. This remarkable kingdom was one of the first civilizations in the continent of Africa. Although Aksum had influential customs regardless the kingdom was found off of its indigenous African heritage, having created their mixed ethnicities/customs, a writing system, money currency and religion.
Aksum was mostly populated with the indigenous Africans. It was long after the development of Aksum had there been any mixture of other ethnicity. The expansion of Aksum also welcomed other races and people. For
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As known the Aksum kingdom became a great kingdom some point. The Aksum conquered the Kush nation, northern Sudan, Nubia, dijos, south Egypt, most of the Nile River, the red sea, and southern Arabia. Aksum became the most powerful African nation. With all the conquest Aksum held some of the most important trade routes of that time.
Now Aksum had access to trade on the waters of Red sea, mediterean, Nile, and the Indian Ocean. Exported goods from Aksum were Ivory, gold, spices even rhinoceros’ horn, elephants and tortoise. Imported goods were cloth, glass, olive oil, win, brass, iron and copper. Aksum grew in power and economic. The city of Audiles in Aksum became a world meeting place. In most way the city of Audiles was the world trade center (hub). People from china, Persia and India came to the city of Audiles for trade. However the city of Audiles was in perfect location, at the coast of Aksum. In result Aksum politically and economically rose above many nations.
By the fourth century the official religion of Aksum was Christianity. King Ezana was first to convert. On the new coins were Christian mottos. King Ezana used this way to slowly spread Christianity to the kingdom. One coin that is now held in the England museum states “The Father, the Son and the Holy spirit”. This shows that king Ezana couldn’t or he was scared to just force people into Christianity because the majority might not like him anymore.
Sadly the kingdom of Aksum came to a tragic end.