Essay about Leadership Skills

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 Conceptual Skill 3 Interpersonal Skill 5 Technical Skill 7 Self-reflection 9 Conclusion 10 Reference 12

Executive Summary Leadership is a topic which consist numbers of subtopic that is very useful in the workplace. For example, leadership styles, managerial skills, power and others. Leadership mainly talks about how a person influences others in order to achieve target goals. In this report, I will briefly explain about what are leadership and the three managerial skills. The three common managerial skills are conceptual skills, interpersonal skills and technical skills. The discussion will include definition and the importance. Finally, it will be followed by
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This skill is most important for top managers, less important for middle managers, and least important for supervisory managers (Northouse, 2010). We could offer one caveat. While conceptual skills are less important at lower levels of management, to be promoted to higher levels of management, it is important to develop and demonstrate the skill at all levels of management (Yukl, 2006).
Why is conceptual skill more important for top managers than for supervisors? * Vision
A common leadership trait among top managers is their vision. They have minds that constantly look ahead toward an end goal or company objective. This vision is what provides the framework for the structure and actions of a company. Within a company, top managers normally develop long-term vision and set the course for the company, while supervisors carry out directives in leading their employees on that course.

* Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is the periodic process of reviewing company plans of action and updating them when necessary. For instance, a company may have a growth strategy of diversifying its business by adding new product lines and services. Top managers normally lead in the strategic planning process and then convey the tasks required to front line supervisors. They then carry out directives with their employees by delegating tasks to each.

* Broad Thinking
A major crossroads in business conception is taking big picture