Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action Essay example

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Course Project: Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action

GM-591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Overview of Organization

The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is Devry University Inc. Established in 1931, Devry University is a subsidiary of Devry Inc, which is a publicly traded and private higher education institution. Devry has provided a quality education to hundreds of thousands of consumers over the years. Devry offers a vast array of degree programs ranging from the undergraduate level to graduate degrees and professional certificates. The University primarily targets adults who are looking to advance in their current career position, or seeking a career change.
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Without a set of attainable goals and holistic performance appraisals, employees are more prone to act unethically to keep their jobs and or receive bonuses and promotions.

5. Ethical compliance audit a. All unethical behaviors must be addressed. Ethical risks can have a significant negative impact on growth for the employees and the future of the organization as a whole.

All of the five levees play an important role in deriving an environment that is conducive to high performance and long-term success for an employee and the organization. Two areas in particular have a significant impact in an employee’s ability to perform and have understanding of the organizations standpoint in what they expect from employees. For one, Managers as role models is extremely important. How can a manager expect the employees to perform and behave ethically if the are not portraying that image themselves. This leads to a major issue in the employees ability to have a clear image of what’s expected of them as well has how to implement the actions necessary to drive results The another are is attainable work goals and holistic performance. This levee has a major impact on the employee’s motives, their willingness to do what’s right, and their overall ability to perform. Each employee represents the organization, and managers have an even greater influence on how the organization is portrayed. Secondly, by setting attainable goals