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EXAMPLE ESSAY: PAGE 175 FOR TOPICS. 2-3 pages long, typed, double spaced. GIVE it a TITLE!! Make the title creative (don’t call it an example essay).
Choose a topic, come up with three things to talk about in the body paragraphs, then write the body paragraphs first and get them out of the way.
Next, write the intro!
Then write the conclusion!
READ what you wrote and catch errors!!!
Then, have someone else read your paper to catch the errors you missed!
THEN you can print it out to submit it to me!
Introduction: see page 89 in text
Hook: Ask a question, use a quotation, tell an anecdote, use a quotation, give a startling fact or statistic
State your thesis; use words like “need to” or “it’s important that…” or “we must…” or it’s necessary to….
Tell the reader the three topics of the body paragraphs that are coming up. “ A, B, and C are three examples of ……”
Body: write a paragraph about A
Body: one about B
Body: about C
Conclusion: see page 106 in your text
Refer to the main ideas in your paper.
Restate the thesis but use different words!!!!
Return to the anecdote, give the conclusion of it!
If you asked a question, give the answer.
If you used a quote, mention it again and talk about its significance.
It is important to for student to develop their traits and personality during their academic life. They are given abundant opportunities to equip themselves. Among numerous activities like sport teams, business club and so on, student council is one that I highly recommend to peers. It is not only let student learn the skills of leadership, but also broaden their social life and boost up their self-esteem. There are several advantages of participating in Student Government:
First and foremost, student government is a bridge between teachers and students. It fights for students' rights and maintains student-teacher relationship which plays an important role in school. Students can enhance their leadership skills by giving instructions and delegating responsibility to fellows. Also, Student Council resembles a workplace. Therefore, cooperation is vitally important. Students have to work together in order to succeed. Interacting with different people becomes unavoidable which improve their communication skills like expressing ideas clearly, respecting other opinions and motivating others. Besides, being in a parts of student government can provide student an opportunity to study more about resource allocation and utilization. Resources provided for Student Government are limited and scarce. If students learn correctly, their organization and management skills will be enhanced quickly.

In addition to, the advantages of joining student Government are far more than that. It is beneficial to our personality development. People always say that school is similar to a society. It is correct in some extent. You can meet people of different