Essay on Liberty Tax Swot Analysis

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Liberty Tax

By: Lorne Wright
Term: Winter
Professor: Fairbrother

Liberty Tax Service is a United States based business that specialize in the preparation of tax returns for both individuals and businesses. It originated in Canada in September 1997, when the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Hewitt acquired a Canadian tax franchisor, U& R Tax Depot. In 1998, the company became known as Liberty Tax Service and opened five offices in the U.S. The founder and CEO, Hewitt is nationally recognized within the tax industry. He is considered a veteran for his forty-four tax seasons of experience, founder of two top tax preparation firms, and for being a former regional director of H&R
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All of its competitors have an agreement with a bank which allows them to offer their clients a variety of payment options as well as refund options. Banking products not only allow the client to pay their obligation for services rendered by the tax firm, but it also allows clients to receive their refund quicker by allowing them to take a loan against their refund for a small fee. This is considered a weakness because some individuals do not have privilege of waiting seven to twenty-one day to receive their refund. Some clients need their fund as soon as possible to cover current obligations.
Their dressed code is another weakness against this organization. As a growing professional I’ve learned that looking the part is a major factor of any working professional. At this organization the dressed code is to slack. Knowing the tax laws is no longer enough. A professional needs to look the part as well as be knowledgeable. Their dress code creates a first impression that send a lot of potential clientele’s running for the hills.
Several opportunities may help liberty to meet its objectives. The organization targets both the working and non-working class. Opening more offices in neighborhoods of low income is an opportunity that if well exploited may yield more funds for the organizations. The working class people need a place where they can receive the maximum tax refund. The organizations can then charge a relatively low fee for their services. This is