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Week Summary- Life Experiment Project College Going back to school as an adult can be scary, time consuming, and frustrating. On top of the frustrations, fright, and time constraints some may experience other factors such as family and career. It can be a challenge to balance these factors in a manner where they are simultaneous and superfluous. Once you are past the initial fright and you have some sort of game plan as how to handle the juggling act then comes the question: do you wish to physically attend classes or will online suffice? It is important to determine your preference when it comes to learning; because this will influence where you attend. There are many great colleges available to you these days. My suggestion is to research them, check their accreditation, and do not be afraid to request their success rate. Remember your success does depend on you; however, a portion has to do with the institution in which you attend. Request information about your instructors such as, “how many years of experience do they have in the area in which they are teaching, do they know or have current information on the topic in which they are teaching, and are they still in the field of that which they are instructing?” These are my little suggestions. Personally, I have found it rather easy to adjust to the college atmosphere. Of course this is just the beginning to a long journey ahead, but I am excited to see what is in store. I have found that my fellow students can be