Essay On The Road Not Taken

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Making a Decision
Walking through life we sometimes miss the small things that count, or wish we could go back and change something we did wrong, thus, reflections on life shows the need for wise decisions. Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken, is about a life decision the speaker is trying to make about which path to take is taking a very long time. Decisions in life can be difficult and time consuming. So, when a person reflects back on the choice made, they want to see it was the right one. The decision of life is a big one to make, that’s why choosing which way to go is important.
The irony the speaker had about the decision he had to make suggests that the speaker is the writer, Frost. He had to make a decision but could not figure out which path in life to take. When he said, “Had worn them really about the same,- And both that morning equally lay…,” the speaker tells how the two roads, or decisions, were similar, therefore, making the decision harder. This suggests that the decision in life was even tougher now than before since both paths appear good to take. The decision itself suggests that the speaker wishes he could take both paths, thus being unable to make up his mind.
Decisions can be influenced by our hearts and others. The speaker says in the poem, “I kept the first for another day, yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.” This suggests he took one of the paths that perhaps he wanted all along while telling his heart that he can always go back, but knowing he will not. We, as people, tend to make our decisions off of what everyone else does or what we want to do. Sometimes it takes a long time for a person to decide whether they are going with their heart or with their peers. Frost’s speaker has not told us what the decision is so, we do not know truly how tough the decision was to make. When looking back on life a person wants to see they chose the right path.
People can be unsure of their decisions. The speaker in this poem suggests that he is unsure about the decision he made when he looks back because he pauses in the middle of the poem and also sighs. “I shall