Essay on Manage Quality Customer Service

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So the presented product/service bundle highly affects the|
| |customer's outcome in their purchasing |
|Being able to provide good customer service is not an innate |Employees can learn skills to provide a good level of customer’s service by |
|skill. It requires that employees receive appropriate training |attending training programs that might be delivered in-house or by external |
|and learn to understand their role/s with regard to customer |contract providers such as TAFE, universities or RTO's. Coaches and Mentors |
|service. This applies to those employees who are in direct |within the organisation can also help with learning new skills, upgrading |
|contact with customers and those who have no direct contact |previously learned skills, settling into new roles or even correcting |
|with customers. Employees who have good customer service skills|improperly learned skills. |
|will generally encounter fewer complaints. Describe the ways in|To provide the best customer service, firstly, the company has to evaluate the|
|which employees can learn the skills needed to provide good |threshold of patience in the employee as being front liners of the customer |