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Personal Statement
The course I have chosen is business with finance BA/BSc. I have great interest in this subject and have taken a BTEC National Level 3 Extended Diploma course. My interest started in this subject, when I was given further responsibilities within a company. My extra responsibilities included supervising business for a week and dealing with the finance of the business. In the week I was gained further responsibilities, the company was able to raise more money with the new changes I had implemented. These changes helped the business gain more profit. Due to this experience, my interest for business with finance began. I wish to work in a successful company, to understand how a successful company operates and one day own my own business which will hopefully become one of the market leaders in its area of expertise.
I am studying a 2 year BTEC Business Level 3 National Diploma course. So far I have completed 9 units, 3 each term, including Business Purposes, Business Resources, Business Communication, Business Accounting, Recruitment and Selection, Marketing, Managing a Business Event and other areas of business. So far, on this course I have created cash flows for a business, carried out two presentations (independently, and as a team to sell a product) and planned and managed a business event which was a great success. I have achieved 6 Distinctions, 2 Merit and 1 Pass for my units, and I am predicted to gain DDD* for my second year (equivalent to 380 UCAS points).
Previously I have worked as a waiter in Long River Restaurant. This job required me to deal with customer complaints, taking the customers orders, bringing food out to the customers and making sure their stay was satisfactory. This job was hard work, however the rewards were beneficial. I was able to gain wages and experience through work. I have also completed work experience in a solicitor’s office. Within the time period that I worked there I dealt with customer complaints and assisted clients in a professional manner. This gave me a taste of working in an office environment and gave me a goal of becoming successful and having my own office (within a big company). I have also done volunteer work at the Excel Centre providing support on events and managing and coordinating a team of volunteers and volunteered for Orange Rock Corps, helping to reconstruct Mile End Park.
I am a hard working, focused individual, with great drive, motivation and enthusiasm. I believe that every task should be done with 100% effort, to ensure that you yourself are happy with completing the task to the best of your ability. I have good spoken and written communication skills, which have been developed through the course I have attended. I am able to meet strict deadlines. My course has many deadlines, sometimes 3