Differences Between Management And Leadership

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Management and Leadership Management and leadership go hand in hand but have differences amongst the two. The differences consist of first how they approach an issue and how they figure out how to solve it is very different. Also the mindset of a leader is different than a manager because of responsibilities that they are accounted for and level of position. Managers tend to want to control employees rather than work with them and give them guidance to complete the task at hand. Leaders will motivate their employees to complete the task at hand by working side by side them and giving them inspiration rather than control them. Another difference is that managers tend to control and leaders will inspire trust in employees to know that it will get completed. A manager is worried about the bottom line due to trying to make budget or sales so they will have a good report. Leaders will at the overall picture and see what is the best choice to make for employees and the business. Overall the leader acts like a coach to employees and the manager acts like a boss. The reason why people sometimes get them confused is because leadership and management have the same goals to achieve which is success. This is why people have to understand the difference so there is no room for confusion on management and leadership being the same and knowing that just because you are manager does not make you a leader you have to express both leadership and management qualities to have both. In my organization I work for which is Lincoln Property Company we have managers and leaders in every office that we operate in. We have managers which are business managers and they are accountable for budgets, expenses, and profits for the property and reporting those to the owner and upper regional. When it comes to leaders in our offices we only have four people total including myself. We all work as a team and we are all strong in our own area which helps us become a leader with different projects. This makes the working environment run smoothly and lets us complete projects and tasks on time as a team because we are all leaders in our own way. This is a prime example of when you have a lot of people in the work place that have leadership skills your workflow becomes easier and everyone pulls their own weight. There are roles and responsibilities those organizational managers which are to set goals and objective. Managers also set expectations for employee’s performance to be reviewed to ensure that they are meeting the standards of the company. Managers also have to make sure employees are meeting company standards to ensure that the company is successful. Managers also have to know how to be able to complete projects and meet numbers that are required. They also have to be able to train their employees and give the correct tools to succeed. Being able to give your employees the tools to succeed is essential in the workplace. When it comes to leaders they are able to motivate employees with their words and trusting in their team. A lot of the time leaders are not always managers or higher level management. They are often employees who take on leadership role in their role and in the work place. This is crucial for the organization to stay successful when employees take on leadership roles because it helps with completing tasks and by motivating other employees to excel in the work environment. Both management and leadership are very important in maintaining a healthy successful work environment. Globalization for an organization is very important in the success of a business because you are able to conduct business with new clients outside the Unites States. This creates new relationships with new foreign countries that can offer great improvements to the organization and give insight on new ideas that may not have been possible without the new relationship. Also globalization has been easier to evolve due to the internet because of the internet this