Essay on Managing Energy Sources

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Managing Energy Sources
Project Proposal

In today’s world were the rate of world’s possessions is deteriorating quickly. There is far added pressure on the factory managers to construct merchandise in a technique that supply greatest management of energy. I would like to choose Motkamills for my module project, which happens to be a paper mill which specialises in producing laminating paper. I have chosen this particular industry because of the fact, pulp for making paper is extracted from the trees and this is one of the industries that need high monitoring to be energy efficient. Moreover they need to be environment friendly as eco-system needs to be in perfect balance for survival of humans.
The use of energy monitoring and
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For simplicity these cost are assumed to be annual maintenance cost of 2.5% of the capital equipment cost. This cost would be about $5,000. The process is designed to be fully automated. Daily tested by the mill’s lab staff to ensure proper operation. The chemical and operating cost should be lower as well. There should be a benefit in recovering the thickened stock from this stream for reusing in the mill and its value should clearly offset the reduction on thermal savings of the factory due to the implementation of water recycling process.

“The most important raw materials used in a paper mill are pulp fibre, water, and thermal and electrical energy. Reduction in the use of any or all of these raw materials can have a significant, positive impact on the economics of paper production and a mill’s bottom line profitability. Numerous commercially available technologies are currently used throughout the paper industry for the recovery of fibre and clarified water from mill white water.” (Romaro, september 2006). Heat recovery systems could also be utilized for minimizing thermal and electrical energy use. Nevertheless, all of these technologies are subject to a number of things such as performance, energy, efficiency, and reliability inadequacies. It is considered impossible to produce economical high clarity, “ thermally rich water that may be substituted for fresh make-up water that typically requires heating to