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Premium Day Spa
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Spa treatments are more wide-ranging than ever before. We can offer an never-ending menu of innovative and traditional therapies for mind, body and spirit, each based on a shared philosophy from India (Ayurveda), China (Acupuncture) and Brazil (Herbals from Amazon) to restore and enhance your energy and youthful radiance. The Spa will target customers who are seeking a day of pure indulgence, a release for sore aching muscles, an aromatherapy session to put back in touch with inner self or a special class to fine tune their body, they will find what suits their specific needs at our spa.
About the Industry:
The number of spa locations showed a modest increase, rising in US from 19,850 in 2012 to 19,960 in 2013 (+0.5%). This suggests strong competition. Total spa industry revenues for 2014 are estimated at $14 billion, up $0.6 billion (+4.7%) on the 2013 level. The total number of visits to spa establishments is estimated to have risen from 156 million in 2012 to 160 million in 2013, an increase of 2.8%. Average visits per spa rose to 8,040 (+2.3%), the highest level recorded since 2005. Average revenue per spa increased for the third year in a row, rising to $701,000 per spa location in 2012, an increase of 4.1% on the 2011 outturn. All this suggests, the market is getting on its prime and players are coming up with strong and novel marketing and customer relationship activities.
Need for the Internet Business Model:
Market Research suggests that the following may be the need to have an Internet Business Model:
1. Consumer expectations increase with cross-platform access as they can interact with the Spa wherever and whenever they want.
2. Acquiring New customers
3. Booking Appointments
4. Marketing: Promoting Day to Day offers.
5. Customer Relationship: Getting Feedback etc.
The Internet Business Model:
The model employed can be called “Click and Mortar” Model. As the name suggests it’s an amalgamation of internet to the traditional Brick and Mortar Model. We enable the customer to know our products (the Spa Menu), see photos of our Spa and book an appointment before he can come to the Spa for a massage.

Figure : Internet Business Model
Benefits for Business:
1. Easier, Faster and cheaper to communicate with their customers.
2. Accessible 24*7.
3. Saves a lot of manual effort and time.

Functions of Internet Business Model:
Adopt Social Media marketing strategies using, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create awareness in the market.
Display videos that