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Marketing Plan
Company Overview
Bobby R Rivera
Company Name:
Europa 2
Product Name:
Commercial space travel
Alexandria VA
History (yrs.):
Section 1: Executive Summary
Europa 2 was founded by Bobby Rivera in 2014. His love for aeronautics, engineering and everything space, compelled him to create a Company with the capability to make commercial travel throughout space a reality. This marketing plan will provide prospective consumers and investors with the knowledge and trust, that Europa 2 will become the premier space transportation and exploration entity.
Product description
The overall mission for Europa is to fundamentally change the way space travel is viewed today. By 2020 Europa 2 will launch several manned missions to Europa, a moon orbiting Jupiter and begin commercial mining and exploration of the planets abundant water supplies.
Europa 2 mission to Europa is just the beginning, with our patented rocket and space ship technology that is twice as efficient and cost effective as the next 5 competitors. Europa 2 will become the premier space travel of choice and provide mankind an alternate means of survival.
Our expert aerospace consultants have been contracted to advise and develop the growing space programs throughout the world. In addition to our current space technology, Europa 2 also provides expert consultant and contracting to public and private entities.

Remember, Mankind’s story might have started on earth but will not end on there.

Section 2: targeting customers
Demographic profile
The targets demographic for Europa 2 are Millennia’s and younger generation Baby Boomers ranging from ages 28-65. College educated males and females with degrees in engineering, aeronautics, technology, and logistics. The workforce for Europa 2 will establish the framework to make space travel as common place as the airline industry is today.
Psychographic profile
Our biggest customers in the beginning will be well educated, wealthy individuals with a background in technology, sales, who have previously worked in the fields of space exploration and commercial application practices for the public, and private sectors.
Several NASA directors and engineers, who created the space programs for the private sector, are now retiring and bringing that expertise to the public sector. Providing a unique opportunity to capitalize on the knowledge and expertise of these individuals, Europa 2 has aggressively pursued and retained these Individuals.
The profession of our business customers will be defense and private exploration companies such as NASA, Space-X, Virgin Atlantic and private enthusiast, the annual medium income for this targeted business customer will be between 75-275k. geographic LOCATION
Based in Alexandria, VA Europa 2 located in what one source has described as the silicon valley of modern space exploration (Clark, 2013). With this targeted location and modest climate, we will be able to capitalize on the vast amount of NASA sponsored defense contracts within the DC metro area.
Wants and needs
Our customers have profound interest in the success and practical applications of a successful space program. With the ability to travel through space and provide not only advanced flight options, provide a vehicle for humans to contribute to the long term sustainability of our species. Everyone has a certain level of interest to travel to and from space (NASA, 2014), mankind needs to be able to travel and sustain itself indefinitely. That is where Europa 2 will provide that long-term practicality. Leading the way for decades to come.

Section 3: Unique Selling Proposition unique selling proposition (usp)
Europa 2 has one of the most unique selling positions within the space industry for several reasons. Our patented engine and aircraft technology provides Europa 2 with the capabilities to make commercial space travel as common as the airline industry is today by establishing a