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Marketing Management is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing and promotion and distribution of goods, and services and ideas to create exchanges with target groups that satisfy customer and organizational objectives.
Marketing a product is a very complicated procedure. A marketing manager must work with a number of departments including sales, promotion, advertising and public relations to complete a job. The marketing manager must decide the type of media that would be most effective in selling a product, company or a service. They are also responsible for deciding the types of promotions, public relations and selling techniques that would be most effective.
“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”(Thomas Watson Sr.)
A marketing management is concerned with direction of purposeful activities towards the attainment of marketing goals. There are three kinds of goals; satisfaction of customers needs, increase in sales volume, increase in organization profits.
Other responsibilities a marketing manager may have are supervising staff, leading meetings, training sales and marketing people and attending trade shows, conferences and fairs on behalf of their company.

Marketing managers also handle conflicts, such as copyright infringement and royalty sharing, with those outside the company.
Marketing management is an important career. Professionals in any career need to sell their product or service, and they need to know how to introduce it to the customer. Marketing managers know how to do it.
They develop strategies to sell products and services analyzing the merchandise. They develop an advertisement and promotion plan so that they appeal to customers. They need to keep track of trends through trade journals and shows, and they also consult with buyers to figure out which products or services will be most in demand.
Marketing managers are people who persuade people to buy products, they need to convince others to buy goods or change their minds or actions. They are also people who have a high level of social interaction, they speak clearly and are good listeners since they have to communicate with supervisors, peers or subordinates; they deal also with people outside the organization. They establish and maintain relationships. They analyze and process information, and use logic to identify problems and apply solutions. They train, develop and coordinate the work of others since there are responsible for the results of work done by others.

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. (
Theodore Isaac Rubin
)”. Those people are absolutely creative, they have to think of original, unusual and creative ideas and solutions; they must be able to see detail of objects and differences between colors, shades and brightness.

They should be organized in their time and organized in finances, they should know how to spend the money in an efficiently way as well as keep track of how the money was used. They must be prepared to work under press ion; they may work
50 hours a week or more and travel often to meet with sales representatives and clients. As in every profession, marketing managers need knowledge, they should know Sales and Marketing as well as administration.
The marketing concept suggest that to achieve organisational goals and be more profitable, an organisation should focuses its efforts on developing marketing mixes that best meet the needs of the consumer. However, since consumer needs within a market vary, one marketing mix could not adequately satisfy the needs of the entire market. Targeting marketing is one of the most important ideas in

modern day marketing. Under the idea, the marketer divides the market into subgroups with similar needs and wants or preference, it will then be possible to tailor marketing mixes to