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Domestic Travel – Australia

Fly the way you want to fly

Nicole Mack
12 Sept – DUE DATE

Assessment criteria - MRKT 20019, TERM 2 2012
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Executive Summary

Domestic travel in Australia is big business. There is a lot of competition between airlines to offer customers value for money.
The purpose of this survey is to determine what it is that domestic flyers like and dislike about domestic airline travel and to offer suggestions on how to improve their overall flying experience so they can fly the way they want to fly.

Table of Contents
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The following outlines the problem and the objective of the research:
What are ways in which a domestic airline can increase value for their customers?
Using an exploratory method of marketing research, gather information about what it is that domestic air flyers value about the airline they have flown with and what the airline could do to increase that value.
Using a non-probability, judgement sample for my survey, I have chosen people to interview who I know frequently fly domestically and are in different demographic categories.
The three survey respondent names are Tom, Nat and Rob and are a mix of two males and one female of different ages (2 are Gen Y and 1 is Gen X), different occupations and places of residence as well as marital status (one married with kids, one single and one engaged to be married) who have travelled within Australia recently for both business and personal reasons.
I used a survey format because conducting face to face survey’s is the best way for a company to find out customers knowledge, attitudes, preferences and buying behaviour. It is also a good way to gather information quickly and at a low cost.
(page 180 of text book)
Research Method
I used the following stages to prepare my questions * Decide on the content of the questions (what am I going to ask, open or closed, what info do I want to find out?) * Decide on the format of the questions (how will I lay out the answers, multiple choice or just ask them to answer and write it down) * Decide on the wording of the questions (what words am I going to use to ensure it is clear and simple, not threatening or bias) * What is the sequence of my questions (what am I going to ask first, last) * Decide who I am going to ask to participate in my survey
(make sure I get a few different types of people with different demographics, personality characteristics etc). Test the questions on a few people to make sure they understand them, using people that are similar demographics etc to the ones you intend to interview.
I wanted to make sure the questions were simple, clear and easy for the person being interviewed to answer and that the meaning of the questions being asked would not be misinterpreted by any of the people being interviewed and served the purpose for the objective
I tried to avoid questions that may be personal or in any way threatening causing the respondent to not want to answer truthfully. I also tried not to use questions that contain big words that may be misunderstood, I also avoided using loaded questions or questions that may be