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Marketing Plan for Masamoto Sushi & Asian Grill

Situation Analysis

Company Analysis
Masamoto Sushi & Asian Grill is a local restaurant which focuses on offering fresh, affordable, healthy and unique Asian cuisine for the suburban food enthusiasts. It is conveniently located on Route 202 in the Keystone Plaza shopping center within the suburb of Chadds Ford, PA. It was founded in the fall of 2007 by executive chef / owner Johnny Cai. Masamoto's offer dishes from multiple Asian styles including Japanese, Chinese, and Thai as well as exceptional sushi creations. To help promote an upscale dining experience, earth tone colors throughout the dining room create a gentle, flowing ambiance for their customers. Their friendly,
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New technology in the order taking system results in more efficient and accurate customer service. The internet also is very important. Masamoto's website allows customers to preview their menu, identify their address and phone number, and allow customers to email the restaurant about wine pairing suggestions. The downside of this technology is that it is often expensive and can become obsolete quickly if not updated.
Political and legal environment – The political and legal environment also affects the way in which Masamoto's run their business. The restaurant must be sure to follow all FDA regulations when preparing and storing food or they could be subject to fines or even be forced to shut down the restaurant. Some ingredients and décor in the establishment also have to be imported from various countries, so trading between the United States and other nations is important.
Cultural and Social environment – The changes in the cultural and social environment have allowed Masamoto's restaurant to exist. Twenty-five years ago, many Americans were not familiar with what sushi was and were not interested in trying the unknown. Now, through social and cultural changes, we have become more diversified as a nation. People are willing to eat and experience exotic foods from other cultures and customs. As far as the social environment, the majority of Masamoto's waitstaff is women. If it was not for the shifting of women's roles in society, this ratio would be