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Agent of Socialization
This commercial is an agent of socialization because it shows Lee Kaufman in her old age of 90 still in charge of cleaning their house, rather than Morty. Morty admits in the video that Lee does all the cleaning.

Promotion of Consumption
This commercial promotes the consumption of all the Swiffer tools when it shows how easy and helpful they all were for Lee Kaufman, an elderly woman to use.

Enforcer of Social Norms
The commercial shows again, how women are supposed to clean the household. However it also shows Morty constantly nervous about his wife cleaning before she got the Swiffer box. Therefore it shows husbands should be nervous and protectors of their wives. Another example is towards the end of the commercial when Lee is cleaning and talking with her new Swiffer while Morty is on the couch sleeping and asks “Morty are you listening?”. Which shows men don’t listen to their wives.

Conferral of Status
The commercial was not designed to give someone higher status but rather make it more accessible to everyone and that no matter who you are or what your social status is, you should be using this. In the beginning of the commercial it says, “Here’s the real story of Lee and Morty, a 90 year old couple in Valley Stream New York”. This shows that they are just a typical old couple living in New York.

Survey of Social Environment
The commercial makes it seem like the Swiffer tools are taking Lee and Morty out of the past environment