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Mitchell Jarvis Analysing Characters and Their Relationships

Through out Act 3, Scene 1, lines 1-83, Tybalt comes across as calm, a risk taker, and sneaky. To begin, Tybalt was being very calm when Mercutio tried to start things with him at the beginning on Act 3, Scene 1. After Tybalts requests, “A word with one of you” Mercutio replies with “ Make it a word and a blow!” As Mercutio says this, Tybalt turns a cold shoulder, and ignores him. This is quite the pun coming from Mercutio. Secondly, Tybalt was seen as a Risk Taker when he went up to both Mercutio and Romeo who are both Montague’s, to start a fight. When he, himself is a Capulet. The Montague’s could at any time kill Tybalt for trying to kill anyone. Lastly, Tybalt is very sneaky. This is shown when he is trying to get back at Romeo for attending the Capulet’s party the night before. Capulet told him not to fight him at the party, so he decided to do it in the streets of Verona. Now Tybalt is in the Montague’s territory trying to kill Romeo. Clearly these examples show that Tybalt is he is calm, a risk taker, and sneaky.

In this scene, Tybalt enters a room with Benevolio and Mercutio. As he asks to speak with one of them, they make puns back at him. Romeo enters the room and says hello to all the gentlemen. Tybalt turns and calls Romeo a villain. This surprisingly doesn’t even spark Romeo to converge into a battle. As he tries to start things with Romeo, he just doesn’t want to fight. Mercutio