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I come from a beautiful country, KENYA, known for its wildlife and the big 5, being grown up in Kenya, indeed made me a person who can co-op up with the world. I say that confidently as Kenyans are intelligent, hostile, and polite people, one of the world’s most invention was made in Kenya, the money transfer, a local Kenyan from the village invented it and named it M-PESA. That motives me that if a local villager boy can come up with such a beautiful idea, I can do something small that shall bring a change.
Being aged 20, I have had a lot of life experiences, be it good, or bad, be it better or for worse, and that has made me what I am today. One of my qualities is that can read a person after I spend a couple of hours with him/her. I can say what his or hers intentions are, good person or bad person, whether there are good vibes or bad vibes, but they say ‘don`t judge a book by its cover’.
My mentor in life is BILL GATES, why he, coz he comes from a poor family, and being a drop out, he still held a title of being the word richest man for 27 years. My aim in life is that if he could accomplish that when he had nothing, what can I accomplish when I have a bit?
I can say that I’m a winner coz I don’t give up till I get a solution to the problem, I shall go to any extent to get the answer to the problem’s am also self motivated, as once I set my mind on something to do, I don’t stop till I have accomplished, like driving, I have always had a passion