Melted by Love Essay

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Melted by Love
Do you still believe that love exits in this world? Lots of people have been disappointed by this ruthless world, however, true love still surrounds us, as seen in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. The very first kind of love one can see in the play is the love of friendship, which supports the people in the play to face the hardship in life. As the play goes on, the love of family is introduced, for it aims at the goodness of the loved. Ultimately, the love of lovers is shown by the sad and romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, which is the source of one's braveness and fearlessness. While many people think of love as something pure and romantic, one can see that it takes various forms.
Initially, the love in the story of Romeo and Juliet comes in the form of friendship. To start with, Romeo is lovelorn, immersed in sadness. At that time Benvolio and Mercutio come to help him to "forget think of [Rosaline]"(I,i,223), hoping that he can cheer up. These two friends of Romeo even take him to Capulet's ball, with the purpose that Romeo can find another girl to devote. Judging from their aid in Romeo's private emotion, one can obviously see the true love of friendship among them. Furthermore, as the story unfolds to where Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo revenges Tybalt without any hesitation, because of Mercutio's unacceptable death to him. "They fight. Tybalt falls"(III,i,129). The death of Tybalt is significant, because only if Romeo values his friendship with Mercutio will he take the mortal fight. Ultimately, when Romeo hears that he is banished, he is in despair. Upon the point when Romeo does not have the courage to live on, Friar Laurence shows up, who "comforts [Romeo], though [he] [is] banished"(III,iii,56). It can easily be seen that Friar Laurence's love to Romeo as a friend is deep and decent, for he never gives up on Romeo. No doubt love in friendship is really precious, because this love is the courage in one's adversity. However, the love of family is also valuable beside friendship.
In addition, one can feel the love of family expressed by characters in the play. First of all, Montague's wife is rather pleased to hear that Romeo does not join the fight at the beginning of the play. She says: "right glad I am he was not at this fray"(I,i,115). Therefore, Romeo's mother's great love toward him can be seen obviously, since she anxiously concerns about Romeo's safety. Moreover, Nurse knows that Juliet is in desperate love with Romeo, and she helps make Romeo "a husband to make [Juliet] a wife"(II,v,69). Although she and Juliet are not in blood relation, Nurse treats Juliet as her little princess, and always devotes herself to helping her to seek happiness. Likewise, Capulet plans for Juliet to marry to Paris, by the wish that his daughter will live a carefree life with such a rich man. He cannot manage to see Juliet suffer a bad life due to a lack of fortune. From this point of view, Capulet just makes a objectively beneficial choice for Juliet, and this choice is only done with the love of a thoughtful father. Indeed it is certain that the family love seeks for one's most benefits, and is seen throughout the events in the play of Romeo and Juliet. Nevertheless, the love of lovers is the main theme that pushes forward the story.
Last and most, the never-forgotten love of lovers