Analyze The Consumption Pattern Of Selected Product Veuve Clicquot

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Research MethodsAbstract

The report analyses the consumption pattern of selected product Veuve Clicquot. It compares the trend of consumption within two specific groups - business customers of Quality hotel, Wolli Creek NSW and another first class travellers in Emirates Lounge Sydney. The report focuses on global industries product and its marketing strategy brand recognition and distribution channels. Different views of different customer were examined and analyzed with a conclusion of consumption trend of champagne - regardless of the customer income, choice, availability, taste and preferences - brand plays dynamic role on sales volume of products.

The quantitative data approach has been applied in report while collecting data, analyzing and summarizing. I would like to thank customer relationship manger of Quality hotel to give access to customer email address for education purpose. I am thankful to Emirates staffs in Sydney to allow me short interview questionnaire to the first class passengers. I would thank my instructor and colleagues of Raffles College of Design and Commerce who helped me to prepare this report.

Table of Contents

Abstract ii
1. INTRODUCTION/background 1
2. Methodology 1
2.1 Questionnaire 2
2.2 Sampling method 2
2.3 Questionnaire techniques 2
2.4 Secondary data 3

1. INTRODUCTION/background

Public opinion and feedback is essential part of building market strategy. The consumption and sell only doesn't justify the product to be successful, but for the long run and sustainable marketing of product, the present consumption and customer trend analysis is vital. The quantitative approach of questionnaire is populated for the research on present trend of market of champagne. The reliability of data is checked through its consistency of respond over period of time. The quality of response depends on question being ask on similar contexts to customer perceptual ideas (Rasinski 2008). There is still a gap of research on consumer perception and choice. The luxury brand champagne also lacks experimental marketing. The consumer purchasing behavior is influence by culture, which limits brand consciousness and marketing. Most of the study shows it needs further empirical testing for a development and marketing of luxury products.
To analyze the impact of current trend of marketing and promotional strategy in Liquor market, fine brand of champagne Veuve Clicquot has been chosen as subject of study. Veuve Clicquot is the product of France; in house cork brand since 1798 belongs to Phillippe Clicquot and subsequent generation. The yellow level Veuve Clicquot ensures the continuity of the House style (About Veuve Clicquot 2012). The consumption pattern and preferences asked in questionnaire to respondent. The data collected will identify the present trend of consumption alcoholic beverages to reach analytical point of impact in customers with the marketing trend. The scope of study limits to random groups of people regardless of their taste and preferences, brand consciousness and liquor consumption behavior.
2. Methodology

The case method is preferred usually in the scenario when customer's relevant behavior can't be manipulated. The experiment comes to the picture to manipulate behavior of customer in precise and systematic way (Yin 2013). For the collection of quantitative data, survey research methodology is used in this study. The quantitative data are statistics that summarize the observation on set elements. The primary data is collected through questionnaire. The cost and quality of survey depends on its design features. Survey identifies the principles design, collection of data, processing and analysis, which is linked to quality and cost (Groves et al. 2011).

2.1 Questionnaire

The questions were designed close ended. Open-ended questions were avoided since the research methodology focus on