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Human Resources - City of Auburn, Washington

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Job Opportunities

Job Title: Office Assistant - Planning
Closing Date/Time: Sat. 10/18/14 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Salary: $3,549.82 - $4,343.40 Monthly
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: City Hall: 25 West Main Street Auburn, Washington
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Position Details


Supplemental Questions

This is semi-routine clerical work with emphasis on customer service, word processing, spreadsheets, data input, filing, and recordkeeping, in support of the Community Development and
Public Works Department.
Primary Duties:
*Prepares written communications in the form of correspondence, reports, forms, fliers, and manuals; enters and retrieves data; creates spreadsheets, presentations, brochures, graphics, and marketing materials.
*Anticipates customer needs and provides high priority to customer service and satisfaction; provides outstanding internal customer support within the department, as well as to other City employees and elected officials.
*Creates and maintains department electronic word processing and spreadsheet files, backing up and purging them on a regular basis.
*Sets up files; completes files; and retrieves documents from the department’s files and City archives; logs and files warranties related to capital projects.
*Enters requisitions and processes purchase orders charged to the department General Fund budget. 10/15/2014

Human Resources - City of Auburn, Washington

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*Assists in preparation, copying, and distribution of a variety of documents, including Council
Committee agendas by mail, e-mail, and fa .
Assists in mailings, setup, and logistics for community meetings and open houses.
* nitiates and maintains project grant files and reporting documentation.
* nitiates and maintains files for professional services contracts.
*Performs photocopying and arranges for printing of Community Development materials and documents.

Public Works

* eceives, date stamps, and distributes mail to the appropriate Community Development
Works employees.


*Processes outgoing mail, including certified mail, mail to be delivered overnight or by courier, and
*Efficiently operates printers and supplies; coordinates with vendors for the repair of office machinery, as needed.
* rders department office supplies and keeps the supply area stocked and organi ed.
*Arranges for City vehicles to be taken to Maintenance and

perations for maintenance.

*Provides customer service by assisting the public and over the telephone, answering inquiries or referring them to the appropriate staff person.
* andles messages and complaints from citi ens in a polite and professional manner; determines the nature of the message or complaint and, if it cannot be resolved by the employee, refers it to the appropriate staff member.
*Safely operates office equipment at a high level of e pertise; maintains and updates standardi ed forms on the network hardware.
* perates a variety of computer programs including, but not limited to, word processing, spreadsheet and database applications, graphics, mailing lists, and utlook to assist departmental activities. * egular, reliable, and punctual attendance.
*Due to internal and e ternal customer service needs, the incumbent must be able to work a fulltime schedule, onsite appropriate City worksites .
*Attends meeting during the evening hours and on weekends.
*Works effectively under pressure and with frequent interruptions.
*Completes work and projects in a thorough and timely manner.
* nderstands and follows directions from supervisor, posted work rules and procedures.
*Communicates clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; works courteously and