Mine: Climate and Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming proponents want us to believe that if the climate changes even a fraction of a degree in either direction, it will mean the end of life as we know it. This presupposes that the current climate, or the climate Earth enjoyed 100 years ago, is the very best possible climate for humanity. What seems to be glossed over is that Global Warming, if it actually happens, will bring a lot of benefits to mankind. It has benefited us every time it’s happened in the past. One major benefit of global warming would be more drinkable water that’s hidden inside the polar caps. Most of the Earth’s total water, 97.5 percent, is salty and undrinkable oceans. That leaves 2.5 percent of the Earth’s total water as fresh. 99.6 percent of all that fresh water is locked up at the polar ice caps, hidden as groundwater or trapped as permafrost. Which means only .4 percent of the total fresh water on the planet is actually available for human use. Therefore, the result of the melting of the ice caps would be better for humans than bad. Another benefit of Global Warming would be the warm temperatures that would result in this. Not only is warm weather safer due to the fact that there would be no more middle-aged men falling down with heart attacks while shoveling snow, or no more motorists careening off icy highways, no more kids falling through thin ice, or elderly people freezing in their homes. Wintertime is a dangerous time. But warmer weather is also healthier because the doomsayers…