Motivation: Motivation and Monetary Reward Essay

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Motivation stands out as the material element to encourage employees to achieve the outlined organisational goals. Since early 20th century, management gurus have been engaged in developing theories that explain the motivators that impels people to behave in a particular way. This essay will argue that although good remuneration is still an important motivator, there are other factors such as having a challenging job or feeling rewarded that satisfy the esteem and self-actualisation needs.

It is clear the importance of remuneration as key motivator for employees´ performance. Without monetary reward, is not possible to satisfy people´s basic needs, such as food, water and shelter. According Classical and scientific theory, employees’ performance was directly related to the monetary reward attached to each objective. However, two-factor theory consider payment not precisely as a motivator, It states that remuneration is an hygiene factor which keep workers from feeling dissatisfied. Instead, motivators help workers feel satisfied and motivated, such as responsibility, recognition, achievement.

One of the most challenging tasks of managers is to find how to mobilize their staff by focusing on what they really enjoy doing. Even in jobs where the remuneration is not high, people can feel satisfied and motivated by challenging them with problems to solve. Similarly, motivation can be achieved by arranging activities that not necessarily are related to the normal operation