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1.According to the text, what can be said of the relationship between extremism and terrorism? Are all terrorists extremists? Are all extremists terrorists?
The relationship between extremism and terrorism
All terrorist are extremists because every person who commits an act of terror does so because that person chooses to take a belief to its extreme limits.

2. How do the authors define terrorism? Why do the authors take a broad approach to constructing a definition of terrorism?

Terrorism is define as a broad context that both recognizes the subjectivity of human interpretation and rejects definitions based on the perpetrators justifications of legitimacy of their actions and condemnation of others. The reason the author takes a broad approach is because terrorism occurs when an action uses violence from either above or below to terrorize a targeted population on behalf of a political goal.

3. What is the difference between "terrorism from above" and "terrorism from below"? When or under what circumstances does each type of terrorism (above and below) take place? Terrorist usually operate form above or below; Terrorism from above is the use of political violence conducted from a position of established authority and terrorism from below is the use of political violence by dissenters who wish to challenge or overthrow official state power.

4. According to the text, what are the tools of terrorism? Explain them.
There are several different tools that terrorist use to commit act of terrorism. These tools are