Multitasking Essay

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Women are better

Some people think that women are better in multitasking because they are trained to handle many tasks simultaneously. They need to balance their professional and personal life.The expectation of their families increases as they grow in age. Also women are better than men because they have a lot of patience to do multiple work starting from home to office. They are good at managing home affairs, relationships, office work and spending time with family. Now since all the doors have been opened for women to work their importance is also being realized. So, we can say that women are getting educated and their career scope is increasing and every time they gain better performance,which is the reason for their success and therefore they are succeeding in multitasking activities. .BIOLOGICALLYMen and women are definitely different and will always be. Biologically, men and women are well-suited to different tasks Men evolved more musculature in order to hunt for food for women birthing and caring for children to help perpetuate the species. Today, women tend to be better caregivers, while men tend to be better suited for physical-labor and heavy jobs. Both genders need each other to continue the human race. It has always confused me why men are seen as superior. Men are usually more violent due to testosterone levels. Does this mean that we as humans believe violence is superior?

HistoryYou can't deny this, just look at history. I still think women and men should both have equal rights , but men need to be credited for all the things they have done. Without men we wouldn't live in the world we live in today. They do all the heavy lifting, the leadership, and development of cities/countries. Men th