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MUL 1010 Shostakovitch symphony No.5 This piece was done by Thomas Sleeper, the conductor as a recreation of Dmitri’s orchestral piece, symphony number five played in ‘D’ Minor. This recreation was played at the University of Miami. The conductor did a really astounding job to remake one of Dmitri’s master pieces. In Dmitri’s piece, he had four stages and that in total the musical piece would last about forty five minutes. Everything was done in the same fashion in the replay of it as the musical started with the moderato with all the strings playing first. Where the stringed instruments would be playing various notes, starting high notes, then dropping down to low notes, then leveling at the low notes then back up to high. The strings when reaching its climax would go back to low and when this happened, the strings were followed by different lyrical notes by the front seated violins. The musical went on to play in variations called the allegretto and in this the musical started to sound a little hyper active. During the variations, the other musical instruments joined in except for the basses and the horns. As the musical progressed the horns then followed in after a climax in the theme being played still leaving the basses out of it. The instruments then start dragging out their notes in a softer note for the majority of this section known as the second movement, largo. The musical was now a soft peaceful one, where the notes were varying in low and lower notes. This continued until the notes