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Me In Later Life
A realistic age of retirement for me would be 55, I believe 55 would be a realistic retirement age for because I’m a very active man and I believe if I were to pursue a career which involved a lot of physical activity and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a professional sport but anything that involves quick movement and actions of that sort. I don’t believe my knees would be able to handle anything past the age of 55 due to my current wear and tear I’m already causing on my knees due to my current and future in sports I’m playing on continuing.
The activities I would want to do while retired is travel, traveling has always been one of the things I’ve wanted to do especially to my native country Egypt. I’d like the visit countries in Europe like Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Italy, Sweden, and Greece and other countries like Brazil, South Africa, Japan and ect. This summer I get to have a taste of how travelling is when I get to go visit my uncle in Beirut, Lebanon in the Middle East.
I believe when I’m retired I’ll be able to take care of myself, me and my wife together. When I get to that age of needed assistances I believe my children will help me out. I don’t believe in moving into a retirement home so putting the pressure on my children to watch over me will definitely being running in my mind while I raise them.
My preferred age of death would be 85, I would say 85 because that’s