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Traveling to the rich side

I’ve been with my boyfriend Xavier for a while now and never been to the places he uses to live or stayed at. I told him about this essay and he gave me a great idea to let me experience his lifestyle. He has been living in Saline, Michigan for the last three years with his auntie and uncle along with their two children while attending Saline High School after getting the okay from his guardians, they allowed me to stay in their house for two days while I collected all the information I needed. The house was very big on the outside but when you step in and look around nothing but papers, shoes, clothes the dogs’ accessories are everywhere you can barely walk to one room to another one. Lets just say the last day I stayed I was jumping for joy.

Day one was very interesting and I really didn’t want to stay any much longer because the clutter was over powering everything you couldn’t even sit down without all the clothes and covers everywhere. So I put my bags in the guess room I was going to sleeping in for these two days. That wasn’t even clean for me the floor was not vacuum it was cover in dog hair and dog toys so that meant I was sleeping with the dog tonight. But good thing Xavier let me stay in his room and he spelt with the dogs. So after I got settled it was around dinnertime I was very anxious to see what she was going to make for us like dog food or the books that stack on the side of the refrigerator. But luckily we went out to eat so all the girls rode in one car and the guys went in other one. As soon I step in the car there was nothing but cookies and drinks, fruit snacks, I guess they have them so while waiting we can just grab a snack off the dashboard.

After we ate it was time to go back home in my head I was like oh goodie but I preferred sleepy in the car with all the snacks. So went in and watch movies in the basement they have a movie theater down there it was pretty cool that they had the sit to and it was civilized down there so I didn’t mine staying in that room but walk out of it the game center that they have is filled with nothing but papers, old junk, smells like the sewer just lives down in there. The game tables that you want to play you can’t play them unless you don’t mine cleaning it off yourself, which is ridiculous. The only room that was pretty tidy was the weight room which I was shocked like it was only a little bit of papers that was in the corner of the room but you could actually see what type of room it was I was amazed that it was piled with everything you could think of. So was down there for a couple of hours then went off to bed.

Day two 6:00 a.m. waking up to Naseea the daughter playing or the piano so I’m up way early then I should be. But smelling syrup, buttermilk pancakes, hearing the sizzling of bacon and eggs in the pans so kind of happy she was playing I wouldn’t have probably waking up. But we had to eat in our rooms due to the fact that the tables was filled with McDonald bags and cups from way before when I came. So me and Xavier ate in his room and so his auntie said she going to let me spend a day out of the house I was like thank you jesus. So I spent half of the time…