My Family Identity Essay

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Family has a huge role on how we we view the world and ourselves. Our identity is associated with we grew up and who we considered as our family. One of the main important points of the this chapter is that “we must give up to be the mistress (or master) of our own houses. When a person leaves the household they had as a family and they are have a household of their own, they are letting go. They are letting go some of their families characteristics and developing their own. This is a very difficult thing to do because the people who help mold us is the same people that we separate from in certain ways to develop discover our true identity. As Necessary Losses stated that as we reach our twenties and thirties they are dreams that are family had for that we may or may not follow. Most children never want to disappoint their parents.However, young adults are faced with the challenge of doing following their own dreams or possibly disappointing their parents. Another main idea from this …show more content…
I know that feeling very well. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t amount to anything when I told my dad I didn’t want to be a medical doctor or lawyer. However, at the same time I was annoyed that my parents didn’t ask me what I wanted to do and assumed I wanted a career like those. Like Viorst stated “..children know exactly which role the parental unconscious assigns to them.” My parents has high expectations for me and I wanted to challenge those expectations. I remember all the frustrating conversations I had with my father trying to tell him why I didn’t want to be a medical doctor. Then I had to get accept that I may not meet their expectations and choose my own academic career path. I always had the power to choose what I wanted to do, but it was not until I got older that I actually chose. My parent realize they did not have much control and allowed me to do want i