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Media Influences On Developing Stereotypes Most magazines send out a form of impractical gender stereotypes, conveying strong subliminal messages of society of how both men and women should live their lives. The women’s magazine, “In Style” is a monthly fashion magazine, with an array of product advertisement; it focuses on articles about beauty, fashion, home, entertainment, and celebrity lifestyle. In the men’s magazine, “Gentlemen Quarterly” better known as “GQ,” is based on fashion and culture for men through articles on sport, fitness, travel, technology, food, sex, and music. “In Style” magazine targets females of all ages, whether they’re 16 or 50, and each attracts their attention by using skinny, photo shopped models to sell their products and illustrate their articles. For example, “In Style” uses categories of different fashion styles such as sophisticated chic to attract the older crowd of women and girly pink to attract the teenagers. On the other hand, “GQ” magazine aims to attract men who are in the middle and upper class by covering the pages with images of men who are fit and stylish and of women who are half naked. Each magazine portrays women in a different sense. In “In Style,” women are looked at as individuals who only think of fashion and beauty, and hate anything ‘book related.’ Most pages are full of make-up tips and different ways to style a pair of jeans or a shirt. In “GQ,” women are symbolized as sex symbols. For example, in most of the advertisements for cologne women are half naked and targeting men’s attention. In the November 2013 issue, there is a photoset of a woman from Robin Thicke’s music video, “Blurred Lines.” She poses half naked with the different types of