My Grandpa Research Paper

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Some people's mission is to help, others to hurt. Some of these helping people donate to charities, give money to the poor, and take the homeless into their own home. Others take a position where they can help people who have been physically or mentally hurt. All of these types of people help, but none are the same. It wouldn't be possible for one person to be all of these things. But Grandpa was at least one of these people. His sensitive ways help him in his journey to aid others and take care of their sickness. Born in Taiwan, and hopefully will end in America, he still stands today. So why not visit him in Texas and find out for yourself ? Well right here, reading about Grandpa, you can in your mind. Care to try?

Grandpa is a very interesting man. He looks like an
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He has been a doctor ever since I remember and probably he has been a doctor 60+ years. I really wonder where all that time has passed, but I do know that he owns his own clinic and takes care of real people with actual serious problems, unlike in a doctor play toy kit. His widespread knowledge of medicine surprises me, and I wonder if all the stories of his studying under a lampost have payed off. He chose this job as a doctor, wanting to take care of other people instead of hurting them. He wants to help them heal in a physical way, not mentally. His part in the world only exists when people are hurt. Then he can go to work and help them get better. He commits most of his day to helping others instead of spending his time in a rich retirement, which has probably been offered too many times to count. Most people, if given the choice, would choose relaxation over workcation, but Grandpa’s mind works differently. Grandpa makes sure everyone he can reach is in good shape and able to work their own body freely, just like he can. Sure, he gets infections and wounds as well, but he knows how to take care of them and use his vast knowledge to figure out anything in his