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Admiration, defined by Merriam-Webster, means a feeling of great respect and approval. When one admires someone, it is usually because they like what that person is about or has accomplished. When I was asked who I admired, the answer was easy. The person I admire most would be, hands down, my grandmother and by the end of this essay, I hope you can truly understand why she is the strongest and the most amazing human being I’ve ever met. My grandmother, Ella, was born to an impoverished family of thirteen children, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in the year of 1942. Her parents didn’t have a job, so as one could imagine, it was extremely hard growing up. Her parents were constantly bickering, like “perros y gatos,” she said. “We didn’t have anything… hardly anything,” she said. “I had one pair of shoes for the year. I just wanted to grow up, get out, and look for something better. I prayed on it and God delivered,” she said. In 1948, her family moved to Tamaulipas, where her father got a job at a fabric company as a washer, “… it was easier,” she says. In 1949, she started school, but dropped out in the third grade. She dropped out because there was “no clothes or shoes to go” and she wanted to help her mother at home. In 1955, she got her first job as a cashier, earning about 50 pesos a week, which was around eight American dollars at the time. With the money Ella was making and the money her father was bringing home, it was still hard to afford food because there were so many of them. In 1960, at the age of eighteen, Ella moved to Harlingen, Texas. She got a job as a maid and housekeeper to a white family, who treated her well. She got paid fifteen dollars a week, working a 7-7 shift, until Sunday when it was 7-1. The next year at a dance in San Benito, Ella met, who would soon become her husband, Rodolfo. They quickly hit it off after he picked her out of many women in the dance hall. Rodolfo and Ella dated for three weeks and when he could wait no longer, he proposed. On May 18th of 1961, Ella’s life was changed forever. Rodolfo made Ella quit her job and brought her to Rio Hondo, where they lived for four years while he owned a service shop. In 1963, they started a family and she says they had no problem providing