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A.P. Lang
My Husbands Last Name
Period 5

The question is do I take my husbands last name or do I fallow my feminist state of mind and say yes to him but not to his last name. My sister recently got married so I have thinking about this. My sister took her husbands last name. It was not an easy choice but in the end she told him that she would love to be Mrs. Miner. Now the whole tradition of the man buying you then you take his last name so everyone know he owns you seems disgusting to me. Times have changed and taking his last name now does not mean he owns you. Now it means he loves you and he loves you and shared name is supposed to signify the love you share. At this moment in my life I don’t think I would take my husbands last name. I like my last name. The sad thing is my last name Cronen dies with my dad. He is the last Cronen man. So either the mane ends with him or me. I suppose my views will probably change when I meet the man who I want to spend the rest of my life. I sure I will be so in love with the man that I cant wait to change my name. I hope that I fall in love with my new last name like my sister fell in love with hers. Or hope that my future husband understands if I never change it. I think a last name says a lot about you. It identifies you with your family. i agree with the writer of the essay. She did not want to give up her name because it was who she was, but when the ER calls she doesn’t matter what her last name is. It