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My Learning Style In my lifetime I have been put into many categories to explain and describe who I am as a person. My race, ethnicity, sex, and age have all been used. To me, thats acceptable because all of those traits I was born with and I can’t change (except for extreme circumstances). I don’t consider my learning style to be a trait I was born with. I believe the way that everybody learns changes with different factors such as your age, the way you were raised, and the material you’re learning. What is my learning style? A combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The two learning style inventory sites I chose were the “Index of Learning Styles” and the “Learning Style Inventory”. Honestly, I felt like it was close to torture to have to take part in these questionnaires. I found them to be very black or white with no grey area. The audacity of someone to think they can sum up the way I learn by simply asking me 20 to 40 questions. The fact that I have to choose if I would rather read the material or hear the material or have it drawn out for me is ridiculous. I choose all three. My results for the “Index of Learning Style” claimed that I have a moderate preference for being a reflective learner and a sensing learner: (Felder & Soloman, n.d.). My results for the “Learning Style Inventory” claimed that I am an auditory learner: (Bixler, 2010). I do agree with the questionnaires, I am a reflective learner and a sensing learner, along with being an auditory learner. However, I would not say that those are the only learning styles I have.


I would argue that my learning style depends on what material is being covered. With some material its very easy to show how its done and teach hands on. With other material thats not the case, the only option you might have is to read it. If I’m in a Math class, then I want to see the material and do a lot of hands on. In a History class, I don’t need to see it being acted out, I’m fine with reading it. The best way to teach me anything is to use a combination of the three learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. For example, if I was being taught how to build a car engine. I would want to start off by reading the manual or any directions that I could find. After reading the directions, I would want to go over what I read with the teacher and have them explain it to me. Finally, I would want the hands on experience of building the car engine. Throughout my education I will