Essay on My Life in California

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Last September, I got a visa from the American Embassy. And I had a chance to study in California. I have been living here for six months. Actually, I think that my time in California has been a good experience because there is good education, exposure to other culture, and a suitable environment for people to live.

Above all, California has one of the world’s best education systems. Stanford University and the University of California are here. They are both famous universities in the world. Even though my school is small, almost all of my professors graduated from famous schools. So California has advantageous education resources. I can access to the latest information and learn enough knowledge. Unlike China, many teachers use old textbooks to teach students. The students can’t learn the latest knowledge, and don’t contact and follow the trend of the world development. As a result I can learn knowledge and have competitiveness more than students in China.

Furthermore, I can gain exposure to the other cultures in California. As we all know, America is a country of immigrants, and California is the best example of this. Different nations and different cultures are merging and developing here. I’m Chinese and I made many friends who are from different countries, for example Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, India, and America. Through intercultural communication, we can understand each other more and more, and we can change our mind about each country. For example, I have a friend who is from Cambodia. Even though the floor is very dirty, he aways walks barefoot. I cant’t understand his action. Finally, I talked with him and he told me this action is his nation’s custom and is very normal in Cambodia. Then I can understand him and accept his action, I think I should respect him. My experience in California is very different from China because I think I can’t make so many foreign friends in China and my friends only are Chinese. I think gain exposure and understanding different cultures is an advantage to me in the future.

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