My Mother Is My Grandmother

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About seventeen years ago, on a usual spring day the person who I had always expected to see and who I considered my mother would no longer be available to me. The sky was clear; the wind was blowing; it felt good outside. As I was walking off the bus; I notice my mom had gotten home early and was waiting for me in her red Honda Accord in the driveway, so we can head on to Evergreen for our daily visit with my grandma. I was overcome with excitement as we hit the Owassa exit to see her and sit by her side. As we pulled into the driveway, the front yard was packed with cars. It felt like my heart had stopped and everything had frozen around me because I knew that was unusual. As I jumped out the car and ran into the house; my aunt tried to stop me at the front door to tell me my granny had passed away, but all I remembered is just running past her down the short hallway into my grandmother’s room and falling to my knees on the brown shaggy carpet while the tears begin to flow uncontrollably as I laid my head on her stomach and begin telling her I love her. In that moment of time, it felt as if I wanted to die with her and really couldn't understand why God would take her away from me. Once I gotten myself together, I came out the room and went and sat into the small living room listening to my mom screams and cries of sadness and my aunt telling her it’s going to be ok Mariel. Once my aunt settle my mom down she came and ask me to come into the kitchen with them. As I walked into the smoke filled kitchen, I sat down in the blue lazy boy and begin listening to my aunt talk about funeral arrangements. My body was