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The Extraordinary Adventures of
Ordinary Boy by William Boniface

My favorite part of the story Ordinary Boy was when Ordinary Boy and his team of super hero’s have just entered the evil villain the Multiplier’s secret warehouse. The Multiplier has the power to multiply anything as many times as he wants. As they enter the warehouse they see tens and thousands of traffic cones completely filling the warehouse. When they finally see the Multiplier they find out why he wants to make all those traffic cones. He thinks that it will distract all drivers and redirect them away from Superopolis where Ordinary Boy and all the super heros and villains live. By doing this he thinks that nobody will ever want to live in Superopolis and leave so that he would be the most powerful. This is one of my favorite parts of the story because the Multiplier was actually tricked into thinking that this plan was genius, only to find out that all the time he was spent making the cones it was just to distract him. (pages 183-188)

My opinion on the this story was that I did enjoy reading this book. Some parts of the story were very interesting other parts of the story were boring. I enjoyed reading this book because you here about many fiction story’s having one or two super heros and one or two super villains, but in this story everyone is a hero or a villain. I also enjoyed reading this story because you got to learn and figure out about everyones power and there weaknesses to each