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JJ Cook
Julian Archuleta
English seminar period 5 Some people think that mistakes are a chance to learn, but sometimes it can be a chance to not learn anything at all. Sometimes you can do something wrong and then figure out how to fix it and make it right, and sometimes you do something wrong and it stays that way.
(JJ Cook) Many people do learn from their mistakes. It’s a great way to mature and to be able to become a better person. By learning from your mistakes you can be viewed differently as a person, unlike when you keep making the same mistakes over and over again. By not learning from your mistakes you can be viewed as a person that won’t be very successful and view as a person that isn’t very bright.
(Julian Archuleta)

One way that people don't learn from their mistakes would be if they are working with a low tempered person. one example would be if you are working on a car and you do something wrong sometimes the person you are working with just freaks and fixes it themselves without telling you what you did. This happens to me a lot, like when I am working with my brother and I do something wrong, he freaks and shuts down on me. This mostly happens to people that work around or with people, and people should be able to learn from their mistakes, but when your partner shuts down on you it is hard to do that. (JJ Cook)

We believe that making mistakes is a part of life that you cannot control. No matter what, you do you're going to make